Ask me anything   Submit   Mantodea is an order of insects which contains around two thousand four hundred valid species and about four hundred and thirty genera in fifteen families. This is a blog dedicated to chronicling the awesome diversity of mantises. If you have any questions or requests hit that ask button! I'll do my best to answer any questions and I'm always looking for interesting content to post about. Feel free to submit if you have something you'd like to share - info, videos, pictures (Especially pictures) If you'd like me to have a go at IDing a mantis, please make sure you give a location and the time of year.


Dramatic lens flare posing! I think nillia wins the mantis-naming contest with “SCYTHERRRRR!”

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Some kind of Rhombodera sp. maybe.

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African mantis

Sphodromantis viridis


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Look at this cute li’l guy hanging out on my hedges! LOOK!


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captainironears asked: Semi-pressing question: is it likely that a mantis would overeat so much that it could damage its internal organs or die? I left my indian flower mantis in the care of my mom for one day and she must have given it like ten blue bottle flies because its abdomen looks like it's going to pop.


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this! I’ve forgotten to check my inbox for ages. This might be too late to be of any use to you, but I’ll answer anyway - I’ve never heard of such an occurrence, I have heard of mantises eating until they vomit, and of injuries sustained from being extremely full and falling or otherwise being hit, but never from just eating. They’re damn greedy but not quite to that extent.

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Empusa pennata / empuse
Bois de Païolive, Ardèche, France
Juillet 2014


Empusa pennata / empuse

Bois de Païolive, Ardèche, France

Juillet 2014

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